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Your Guide To Northwest BC




The Stewart-Cassiar Highway

The Stewart-Cassiar Highway is a window into BC's true North. The 724-kilometre highway, which branches from Route 16 at Kitwanga via Highway 37 until it meets the BC-Yukon border, features more provincial and wilderness parks, glaciers, and wildlife than arguably does people, gas stations or services. (Don't worry, there are enough communities and amenities along this route to keep you fuelled and fed in between.) But if you’re looking to avoid the crowds, there’s no better route to explore.




Nisga'a Lands

At nearly 100 kilometres, Highway 113 is shorter in length to the region's other routes, but no less spectacular. As you head north from Terrace into Nisga'a Lands, also known as Nass Valley and home to the Nisga'a people, you'll bear witness to the ancient and energizing forces of this part of the Northwest. Otherworldly volcanic lava fields, the aquamarine K’alii-askim Lisims (Nass River), sacred and snow-capped mountains, sunlit alpine meadows, natural hot springs, and evidence of thousands of years of Nisga'a history and culture are all found within a few hours’ drive.




Route 16

It's impossible to see everything along Route 16 in just a few days. This nearly 720-kilometre stretch of highway, linking Prince George to Prince Rupert, cuts through a vast wilderness area studded with rolling plains, glaciated valleys, soaring snow-capped peaks, thundering waterfalls, and the wild rivers of the Bulkley and Skeena before it meets the edge of the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Keep Exploring

  • Touring

    The three major highways (16, 37 and 113) offer views of changing terrains and plentiful wildlife as you pass through the region.

  • Adventure

    The mountains and rivers give life to the northwest and give many natural adventure options. The Kitimat, Skeena and Nass rivers are nestled amongst the Coast Mountains and offer an immersive wilderness experience.

  • Winter

    The wintertime in the northwest takes on a different personality from the warmer seasons. Each community offers different on-piste, backcountry, and cross-country skiing options, and snowmobiling.